This is where adventurous thinkers come to pioneer new ideas.
Connecting to the world with satellites and uplink systems. Inventing
the next award-winning technology. Creating solutions that shape the
future of communications. This is EchoStar.

A Message From Our CEO

Hello, and thank you for exploring the idea of employment with EchoStar. While this site will provide you with a wealth of information about who we are, what we do, and our employment opportunities, I'd like to give you a little more insight about working with us.

What kind of work environment can I expect?

EchoStar is a collaborative company. Because our long history of success is grounded in innovation, we place high value on integrating projects and communication among our global teams, inspiring our people to learn, contribute, and explore. Our senior team members provide leadership that outlines continued success, while our newer team members provide ideas that help to guide EchoStar into future. Working at EchoStar, you can expect a supportive team environment that fosters growth and values ideas.

What is EchoStar looking for in a job candidate?

As we often say here, there is never a dull moment working at EchoStar. Our global business development efforts focus on joint ventures and acquisitions as a means of growth that creates new markets for our technologies. We are looking for passionate, driven candidates that have an adventurous spirit and who thrive in adaptive environments and are inspired by the endless opportunities in communications technology markets.

EchoStar is a growing, diverse company that embraces new ideas and is committed to helping our customers grow through technology innovation. Regardless of the role they play, our people are part of a global family with a shared vision that inspires excellence in everything we do.

If you are an adventurous person with a passion for learning and a strong desire to directly contribute to the success of a team, we invite you to apply online.We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Michael T. Dugan
President & CEO
EchoStar Corporation

Our Mission

Deliver innovative products and services that power global communication, commerce and entertainment.

Our Vision

EchoStar’s global vision is to shape the future of communication technology with innovative solutions.